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The Micah House Rehabilitation Services addresses the whole person not just the addiction whether it is drug or alcohol. Rehabilitation addresses relapse prevention, mental and physical health, and individual counseling.

About 22.5 million Americans over the age of 12 are using illicit drugs today

Founded by Pastor Lockett, The Micah House was developed as a comprehensive drug treatment program

Inpatient treatment programming is a crucial step for the recovery from substance addiction

As an outpatient drug and alcohol treatment facility we are well located in downtown Minneapolis

Over 20 years of experience

Why Choose Us?

Licensed Clinical Specialists on Staff
Case Management Services
Family / Individual Therapy
SAAP Referral
Immediate Intake Services

Victory Through Faith Recovery Services

Victory Through Faith Recovery Services/ Micah House services enhance the primary treatment experience by providing comprehensive services that address the whole person in all areas of life functioning that affect the sobriety men from the inside out. Individualized treatment plans provide a plan for each participant. 

Inpatient and Outpatient Drug Treatment Programs

The goal of The Micah House is to promote chemical health while alleviating the wide array of disparities that individuals experience while in recovery. The Micah House is designed to address the needs of the whole person; spirituality, physically, and economically in a culturally diverse environment.

Outpatient Treatment
Inpatient Treatment

Contact Micah House Regarding the Benefits of Recovery in a Safe, Faith Based Clean and Sober Facility.

Emergency Services​

+1 (612) 314 2460

Recovery Testimony

Because Your Life is Your Legacy – how do you want to be remembered?

When I entered Micah House I felt that I was spiritually, physically and mentally hurting. When I entered the Micah House, there was energy, a feeling of spiritual safety and security that I had not felt for a long time. I spent 75 days at the Micah House. It was the best decision that I have made in a long time. The staff is always accessible and willing to help. Many of the decisions I have made to date, has been with the helpful suggestions of experienced staff members.
My future looks brighter than it has for many years. I hope one day to become an employee of Micah House and give to men who will most certainly come after me what has been so freely given to me.
Amin A.,39 yrs old
Amin A.,39 yrs old
Columbus Georgia

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